From mid-2010 to 2014, I captained a Star Trek-themed YouTube channel.

Inspired by some of the great YouTube artists at the time, like Philip DeFranco, Ray William Johnson, and Geeks & Sundry, I created a successful show, discussing everything from news & events, to innovation & scientific progress, to life – as I see it, all within the context of Star Trek.

Because of that work, I have been given some incredible opportunities. From convention reporting for TrekMovie.com, to guest appearances on podcasts, and interviews on online radio stations, I am incredibly grateful for the amazing experiences TSTG has brought.

I am The Star Trek Girl! A special thanks to Chris Friesen (Follow him @ChrisAFriesen on Twitter!)
I am The Star Trek Girl! A special thanks to Chris Friesen for this awesome image (Follow him @ChrisAFriesen on Twitter!)

I believe in what I say, and speak for no organization but myself. The telos of this project was, and still is, to develop an identity that others can relate to, and from which they may draw personal strengths. Many of my videos lean towards controversy – or even just contradiction of expected identity – which may have also cost me some job opportunities. The entertainment that I have brought to people outweighs those personal consequences.

Here is the introduction video that you’ll find on my primary channel page. If you like it, please subscribe!

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