A belated Valentine’s to you too!

Happy Valentine’s Day, beautiful people!

It feels safe to say that we all think a little extra about love around this time. Sadly, at least a part of the reason why is because we’re bombarded with awkward, completely unnecessary advertisements fueled by a consumerist ideology – but I’ll try really hard to refrain from being another liberal hippie chick on the internet.

So why else do we think about love? Because we inherently want it for others, for ourselves, and for the world around us.

I’ve recently reversed my intention when I take a moment to meditate; something we all do, albeit often inadvertently. The focus of many modern meditative practices – at least what I’ve observed – is on the ‘self’. Learning to turn inwards. Learning to love and focus on the individual joy of existence. Learning to love and embrace you, the self. This is all easy to say and hard to emulate, just like most excellent advice, however; what if, conversely, the love of self cannot even begin with the ‘self’?

In these moments where I pause, often under the stars, I’ve taken to learning about and loving the galaxies. I’m learning where they all are, what they’re made of, how they move around me and I around them. I’ve learned how to spot the first light of Venus. I’ve learned where I can see, if I look just right, the mirroring shimmer of Andromeda on a cold, clear night.
Recently, on one of these excellent nights – I did my very best to send love to these incomprehensibly distant places. There’s no adequate descriptor, at least in this language, for what this love is or what it feels like. The warmth spreads through you and you temporarily embody it as it flows through you and into the cosmos. You know it because you’ll know it. It comes from so many places.

The best way to be loved is to give love, and the best way to give love is to – just for a handful of seconds – be love. We’re all able to empathise for a reason, you know? Anyways, I send this love out to all of those places, and to all of you!

Just a thought-thumb I’ve been twiddling for a while, but happy Valentine’s again and have a rockin’ rest of your week!

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