And Summer Winds on Down the Road

I can’t believe it. I cannot believe it’s already been nine weeks of van-livin’, Canada-tourin’, music-festival-dancin’, new-friend-makin’ and general summer-travelin’-shenanigan-havin’!

Though my head feels heavy with the idea of returning home to routine, my mind, heart and spirit are filled with the emanating vibrancy of life. I’ve met wonderful souls, seen some mind-blowingly beautiful places, and learned more about myself and the vast country around us than could have been imagined. It is impossible to be saddened by one door coming to a close, when the promise of new adventures opens a  thousand doors just beyond the horizon.

Francois and I – really speaking for the both of us here – are overwhelmingly awe-struck with everything the western fifth of Canada has to offer. From waterfalls to high mountain passes, historic towns to bustling metropolises, ‘drunken’ forests to flowing meadows, mystical coastlines and perfect sunsets – we barely even had to leave our backyards to find enchantment, right on the side of the highway. This photo below might just be my favourite spot, and I don’t even remember exactly where it was. Perfection.

Just your average roadside pullout in beautiful British Columbia.
Just your average roadside pullout in beautiful British Columbia.

Though adventures would certainly come my way, I don’t think I could have done this by myself. In the words of Christopher McCandless, experience means very little unless it is shared. In my own words, experience is the essence of life itself when you share it with someone you love. I am so grateful to have shared this with you, Francois, and with all of our friends along the way. You are all inimitable, awesome, and a hell of a good time! Also, guys, we have about two bazillion photos to go through and put up from our quests and adventures with all of you, it will be freaking wonderful seeing your faces again 🙂

Pics will be on the Two Hippies blog in a little while!

We’ll, I’ll be back in Calgary by the weekend, and I gotta say, my wallet is not nearly as full as my mind, heart and spirit, so it’s time to get back to a non-mobile home and find some employment. New job prospects are always exciting, and I find myself more motivated than ever to make a difference in this world and put my name on something awesome.

Here’s to more adventure, time with family and friends, peace, love and all the good that makes this world go ’round ❤

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