Help Stop the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline – Resources & Information

Look at this beautiful place.


And, now, look at this one.

Image from 'Exxon Valdez 22 Years Later' article by Christina Reed,
Image from ‘Exxon Valdez 22 Years Later’ article by Christina Reed,

We’ve made mistakes in the past. Let’s not make the same ones again. Canadian’s demands are pretty clear, it’s time to stand up for what’s right – and what’s wrong. Ottawa should have no say in what happens on our coasts, and furthermore should not have the power to destroy them.


Protest resources and project information can be found via the following organizations:

British Columbia Assembly of First Nations

The Council of Canadians

The Council of the Haida Nation

Ecojustice Canada

The Green Party of Canada

Greenpeace Canada

The Liberal Party of Canada

And finally, to really get your message across, here is the general contact information for Enbridge Inc.

If you’ve ever stood up for a cause in your life, now is the time. 

NO Pipelines. NO Tankers. NO Problems.

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