The Advanture Begins!

Wow. It has been so long since I’ve posted anything. It’s been a month and a half since my voyage in beloved Haida Gwaii, and I still don’t feel in sync with this wild mainland world. I don’t think I ever will again, and I’m strangely okay with that. There have been a few moments of paralysis, where I catch myself caught up in the intensity of being surrounded by a thousand quickly-moving, utterly uninvolved souls as they all mill about their business. Not that there’s anything wrong with what they’re doing, but I do see now that living in such numbers is not instinctual for all of us. Not yet, anyways. Give human evolution a few more hundred years to let the last of us truly anti-social ones have the time to catch up.

Before I completely leave the thought of those incredible islands, I should mention that I re-discovered perfection when Francois came to visit at the end of April. The last piece of the all-mighty puzzle was back in my life and we shared the best time, just living like the dirty hippies we are in one of the world’s last hippy safe-havens. Francois has most of our epic photos together on his GoPro, but here are three of my favourites from the images I have.

We also got the chance to work for the Haida Gwaii Youth Assembly; an incredibly unique opportunity for youth on the islands, Haida or otherwise, to have a say in how their world is shaped. It was so inspiring to see all of these amazing youth git ‘er done in the name of changing the world, from issues like Enbridge and all of its Northern Gateway bullshit, to simply just dealing with some littering on-island. We helped them make a documentary (below) about their experience, and also a hilarious music video in which you can see Peter Lantin, current President of the Haida Nation, doing his best Pharrell impersonation.

When I got back to Calgary, I found myself employed almost immediately – bless this home province of mine. The job itself was wonderful! I was landscaping, my hands in the dirt every day. I got to see the results of my efforts immediately, could genuinely put my name on something, and I worked only with dudes which, for me, is always a plus. I still find that it’s hard to be ‘too offensive’ or embarrassing around guys. This is totally a cultural thing and has practically nothing to do with gender, but for some reason I find it’s worth mentioning. We all gotta lighten up sometime.

All of that said, the job went well until I think I might have undermined the bosses’ authority by giving my two weeks’. I wasn’t obligated to, but I thought I was doing the right thing. Not that I’m the kind of person to do so, but I should have kept my mouth shut – after being, by their own description, one of their hardest workers, they fired me the next day. Francois, took me out to an incredibly fancy dinner to celebrate my first, and hopefully last, firing. What a thing to celebrate! Can’t say it hasn’t been a blessing though. I’m going to have to live on a slightly tighter budget, and tap into some savings, but now I finally have time to go to the doctor’s, dentist, and do some work on the van that Francois and I are moving into on the 23rd.

OH RIGHT! The van! I suppose I should divulge that plan as well.

We figured that it would be advantageous for our spirits to go out into the world a little bit. Freshly graduated, we’re going to live in an ’03 Grand Caravan, named Bertha, for a month or two, hitting up music festivals and visiting friends across the vastness of glorious British Columbia. The freedom of the road is something we both adore, and it’ll be more than wonderful to get out on it for a while. As a natural escapist, this is so far up my alley it’s practically in the suburbs.

Additionally, and in lieu of my own Star Trek Girl work, which has been rewarding but has me presently uninspired, Francois and I are testing the waters of a new online lazy river of blogging, vlogging, photography and travel writing. We honestly have little to no idea what we’re doing, but it’ll be a fun vanture nonetheless.

I really gotta stop with the van puns.
Ah, who am I kidding.
They’re vantastic.

If you’d like to follow us along on our journey, you can do so on our freshly Word-Pressed website, Two Hippies and a Van. It’s a little rough right now (ie. there is next to nothing there), but thank goodness I got fired and have a week to get some photos and intros done for all of us, Bertha included. Of course, I’ll still be writing on my own website, and most certainly linking between the two.

Hope all of my readers are well, I think about you lot all the time. Haa’wa for reading – take care, and love always!






One thought on “The Advanture Begins!

  1. It was fun, informative, and very interesting following your adventures in Haida Gwaii. It’s on my list of places to go.

    I hope you and Francois have loads of fun on your new adventure. Enjoy what’s out there.
    It is a regret of mine not travelling more when i was young.

    When you start off on your new adventure and are wondering where to go, use this quote from a slightly well known tv series; ‘Second star to the right and straight on till morning’, and see where you end up.

    Have fun :o)


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