I got into exploring the provided ‘Insights’ for this blog over the last few days, and am nothing short of fascinated by where you all come from.

World Views!
World Views!

I have so many questions for all of you. What do you do? Do you like where you live? Do you live where your people are traditionally from? What are your dreams for your country? And how on earth did you find my tiny space in the vastness of the interwebs?! There are a lot of readers from Greece – what are you guys all about? And to the one dude from Slovenia – hello over there!

If you feel like answering any of these questions, I’d love to know what you’re about. We could build a global history together! You can either comment directly on this piece, or use the contact form below. If you want to stay anonymous, just use a pretend email (I’ve always been partial to, but whatever floats your boat!) and fire me a message with the contact box below!

Comments Welcome!

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